King Cobra - Official Trailer

2,899 Views | 2:11 | Uploaded on Sep 27, 2016

In the official trailer for the biographical drama King Cobra, a young man (Garrett Clayton) is being filmed lying on a couch and is asked his age by a person behind the camera. The shy boy responds, "18," as he peers coyly at the lens. The teen is then instructed to take off his clothes as Stephen (Christian Slater), porn mogul owner of Cobra Video, looks on in awe, remarking that he's found his next star. This young man is immediately thrust into the world of gay porn stardom and rebranded as "Brent Corrigan." However, as his star rises, Brent soon catches the eye of two of Stephen's producing rivals (James Franco and Keegan Allen), who want to cast the talented performer in their next film and refuse to take no for answer.


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