Ghost in the Shell - Official Trailer 2

25,858 Views | 2:15 | Uploaded on Feb 14, 2017

In the second official trailer for Ghost in the Shell, several armed individuals storm into what appears to be a lab. Guns are fired and bodies pile up. But The Major (Scarlett Johansson) happens upon a figure more closely resembling a hologram than a human. In the voice of a man, it says, "I have been watching you. You have to remember."

The trailer continues as The Major shares her discovery with her comrades. She's informed that the being she saw is a "known terrorist," that he has "killed again," and that "he's everywhere and nowhere." The Major vows to find him and kill him.

The remainder of the intense trailer explores The Major's past, the risks involved in her mission, and what she learns about herself on her epic journey to track down her mysterious target. 


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