FROM Season 2 Trailer

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When their car crashes, a family of four is rescued by the residents of a nearby village. They soon discover that there's no way out of the village, and that there's a very strict curfew because anyone left outside after dark is attacked by monsters.

Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) is the sheriff, and each day at dusk, he rings a bell to warn residents to get inside and lock their doors. They also have their windows nailed shut, because the monsters, in the shape of humans, can be very persuasive.

Each day, Boyd marks the number of days they've survived without anyone being killed, but when a woman and child are killed because the man of the house didn't get home in time, Boyd decides it's time to try to get out, while a jaded but tech-savvy newcomer to the village comes up with a way to build a radio to reach outside help.

In the second season, a busload of people arrive in the village and need to be convinced of what will happen if they're caught outside after dark.


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