Fist Fight - Official Trailer

5,805 Views | 1:44 | Uploaded on Sep 22, 2016

In the first official trailer for Fist Fight, a dramatic classical track plays as the words "Ali vs Frazier," "2Pac vs Biggie" and "Batman vs Superman" appear over a black backdrop. The first image we see is of a man (Ice Cube) staring down a meek, smaller-in-stature man (Charlie Day). Ice Cube's character says, "I'm gonna fight you."

From then on, the trailer for the comedy continues and it's revealed that both men are teachers at the same high school. Ice Cube's character has a bone to pick with Charlie Day's character, and has called a fight in the parking lot to settle their feud. All students and faculty are eager to watch the action unfold, especially considering it's the last day of school. We also see Charlie's character seek the help of other teachers in advance of the fight.


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