Edge of Winter - Official Trailer

5,434 Views | 2:29 | Uploaded on Jul 21, 2016

In the gripping official trailer for the thriller Edge of Winter, Elliot (Joel Kinnaman) looks upon a stark white forest as he ponders one fateful wintry weekend with his sons. A few days prior, Elliot's skeptical ex-wife Karen (Rachelle Lefevre) let their two sons Bradley (Tom Holland) and Caleb (Percy Hynes White) visit for the weekend. Recently unemployed, Elliot is eager to form a bond with his long-estranged sons.

When the two boys find a shotgun in the apartment, Elliot volunteers to show them how to shoot it. While on the way to the middle of nowhere, the boys end up stranded. They eventually find their way to a remote cabin deep in the woods, where they must fight to survive in the dead of winter. As Elliot becomes increasingly paranoid, the boys must decide where the true danger lies — in the cold, dark forest or with their own father.


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