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Okwe, an illegal immigrant from Nigeria, is trying hard to make ends meet, using caffeine and potentially harmful stimulants to keep himself from going under. In the evening, he's a minicab driver and sometime clap doctor to the fleet. Overnight, he's the night receptionist in a seedy West London hotel, where call girls are welcomed and even rented by the staff. With no other place to live, Okwe reluctantly shares a shabby flat with Senay, a shy, pretty Turkish asylum-seeker, who works at the same hotel, even though the law forbids her from doing so.

One night, Okwe makes a gruesome discovery in one of the rooms, alerting him to the fact that something dangerous and deadly is going on there. Investigating the mystery, Okwe stumbles into a killer criminal underworld that is ruthlessly exploiting the needy, the dispossessed and the desperate. And as the authorities close in on the vulnerable Senay, Okwe is shocked to learn that she is also being targeted by this ruthless gang. It becomes a race against time -- but can he save Senay from both threats without risking his own neck and revealing the truth about himself?


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