Blair Witch - Official Trailer

14,008 Views | 2:01 | Uploaded on Jul 28, 2016

In this official trailer for Blair Witch, a male is talking about a tape from the film The Blair Witch Project that has been released on the Internet after being found in the Black Hills Woods. He thinks one of the people in the video is his sister who has gone missing, and so he goes on a search for her. He arrives at the cursed woods with a group of friends, and when asked if they believe in the stories of the Blair Witch, the group finds themselves surrounded by humanoid stick figures. Trying to escape, they realize they are walking in a circle. After finding a corpse and experiencing terrifying events, they run through the woods and into a house when they see someone who looks like the missing girl. They are followed around in the house by someone (or something) breathing heavily.


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