BLADE II Trailer

400 Views | 1:46 | Uploaded on Nov 12, 2013

Now living in Prague, the half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter Blade (Snipes) has become comfortable with what he is. After learning that Whistler (Kristofferson), his mentor and weapons master, may still be alive, Blade sets out to find him.

Working with a brilliant slacker and inventor named Scud (Reedus), Blade's hunt takes him into the lair of his sworn enemy - vampire overlord Damaskinos (Kretschmann). But instead of a showdown, the vampire makes a truce with Blade. Blade agrees to join a group of vampires called The Bloodpack (initially created to hunt Blade), led by Reinhardt (Pearlman). Together, the group aims to stop the Reapers, a race of super vampires with razor sharp teeth, lightning speed and super inhuman power who hunt and kill humans and vampires alike.


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