'Black and Blue' Trailer

27,475 Views | 2:45 | Uploaded on Jun 24, 2019

In this first trailer for Black and Blue, we meet rookie cop Alicia West (Naomie Harris), who is given the rundown by her partner that she is no longer black, only the blue of the uniform. During a routine patrol where her partner goes to speak to a covert informant, she investigates when she hears gunshots. When she finds her partner and two other cops murdering a drug dealer, she becomes marked for death when one of the cops realizes her body cam is on. Shot but alive, Alicia turns to old friend Milo "Mouse" Jackson (Tyrese Gibson) for help in getting the truth out. As the corrupt cops become desperate, they enlist the local gangs to put a bounty on her head as they work to close off the network and erase her body cam footage. With time winding down, Alicia puts her training to the test against both cops and gangsters.


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