Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Official Trailer 2

43,727 Views | 1:38 | Uploaded on Oct 28, 2016

In the second official trailer for Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, we see Kat (Kristen Stewart) ask Billy (Joe Alwyn) the following: "What if you don't go?" Billy stares her in the eye and firmly replies, "I have to. I made a commitment." Shortly after, we see Billy prepare to leave for war.

As the trailer heats up, we tag along with Billy as he trains for Iraq and eventually gets sent to the front lines. Shroom (Vin Diesel) mentors him and leads him through intense battles. We know Billy survives as we see him on American soil after the war, being congratulated by people, including Steve Martin's character. 

Dramatic moments highlight the second half of the trailer, including Billy telling Kat that he "did what he had to do" while at war.


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