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Tom Hardy (Travolta), an ex-Army Ranger turned DEA agent, is drawn into an ever-widening mystery surrounding the disappearance of the feared and often hated Sgt. Nathan West (Jackson), as well as several of his elite Special Forces trainees on what appears, at first, to have been a routine training exercise during a hurricane in the jungles of Panama.

Only two survivors, Dunbar and the badly wounded Kendall, are found, but neither is willing to cooperate with Capt. Julia Osborne’s (Nielsen) investigation. So base commander Col. Bill Styles (Daly) calls ex-Ranger Hardy, an old friend and a persuasive interrogator.

Hardy cajoles a confession out of Dunbar, who claims that Sgt. West and the missing Rangers have been murdered and their bodies blown away by the hurricane. But when Kendall is interviewed, his story contradicts Dunbar’s. What really happened to West and his Rangers? And what were they really doing out there in the jungle?


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