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Most farm animals, like cows, chickens and pigs, make sounds like moo, cluck and oink. But on this farm, that’s just for the benefit of the people around them. When the farmer isn’t around, they walk on two legs, watch TV and basically, act like humans.

Otis (Kevin James) is a young, carefree cow with four best friends—Pip the mouse, Peck the rooster, Freddy the ferret, and Pig, who’s a pig. They love to mess around and play pranks, especially on humans.

Otis’ dad, Ben (Sam Elliott), is more serious-minded. He wants the animals to keep their human-like qualities a secret. He takes it upon himself to make sure the farm is running smoothly and most importantly, that no marauding coyotes cross the borders of the farm and harm any of his friends.

But when Otis has to take over for his dad, his fun-loving nature makes it difficult for him to assume a leadership role. The farm, which always ran smoothly when his dad was in charge, begins to fall apart.

Will the “udderly” irresponsible cow pull it together and find the courage to be a leader?


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