Alone in Berlin - Official Trailer

2,516 Views | 2:08 | Uploaded on May 18, 2017

Based on a true story, the official trailer for the movie Alone in Berlin starts off with a knock on the door from a messenger. Working class husband Otto answers the door and receives an important telegram. We then see a soldier running through the forest, followed by Otto’s wife Anna opening the telegram. After asking his wife if “something has happened to the boy,” we see the soldier has been gunned down. When Anna is visibly upset after reading the telegram, it’s clear the young man we just witnessed being shot was their son. When the Nazi regime asks for donations, Otto responds with “Germany has taken my only son, what more can a man donate besides his child?” Otto and Anna join the Nazi resistance by writing notes that they leave in public places, asking people to stand up to Hitler and put an end to the war. 


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