All Eyez On Me - Official Teaser Trailer 2

1,753 Views | 1:02 | Uploaded on Mar 10, 2017

In the second official teaser trailer for All Eyez On Me we open on a cheering crowd calling the name of Tupac. We then flash back to police raids in his home as a child and the pivotal moments of the influential rapper’s career. All while the words of his mother remind him that as a black man he will always have a target on his back, that everything he loves they will go after, and to be careful he does not destroy himself with the tools he is given – that ultimately he must remain true to himself. We then see that among the screaming fans, this man was more than just a musician, but an “artist,” “poet” and “revolutionary,” and that if he was killed, he would want his true story to be told. 


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