Aftermath - Official Trailer

9,258 Views | 2:13 | Uploaded on Feb 09, 2017

In the official trailer for Aftermath, a plane can be seeing flying through cloudy skies. Next, Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is shown wearing a construction worker's hat as we hear a voiceover saying, "It's a big day. Your family's arriving today, right? So go home. Get everything ready for them. Spend some time with your daughter. You're going to be a grandfather." Roman decorates his house with a "Welcome Home" banner and looks fondly at an ultrasound photo.

As the trailer continues, Roman is seen traveling to the airport to pick up his loved ones. But tragedy strikes when he's informed that the plane his wife and daughter were aboard crashed, leaving both women dead. Roman is offered financial compensation for their deaths, but he insists he wants an apology. 

The remainder of the trailer plays out as Roman searches for the air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy) responsible for the accident. Tensions rise, guns are drawn, and the two men finally come face to face.


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