Adventures in Babysitting Trailer

2,749 Views | 1:30 | Uploaded on Jun 13, 2016

Over-achiever Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and under-achiever Lola (Sofia Carson) meet when they both apply for an art scholarship. When Lola drops her drink cup, both girls drop their phones and they get switched. Perpetually-broke Lola gets to her car only to find out she's getting a ticket she can't afford. At the interview, Jenny mentioned that she earns $20 an hour for babysitting and $40 for overtime, so when a woman calls Jenny's phone so desperate for a babysitter that she offers to pay double, Lola pretends to be Jenny and recommends herself for the job.

Jenny, who's babysitting for another family, finds out what Lola has done. She takes the kids and rushes to the house where Lola is babysitting to find that not only is Lola in the hot tub, not watching the kids, but there's a fire in the kitchen and the oldest boy, Trey, snuck out of the house to a concert. Jenny and Lola take the kids and head to the city to find Trey and bring him home before the parents find out.


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