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831 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, OR 97301

844-462-7342 | View Map

3.08 / 5

User rating: 3.08


  • General Experience User rating: 2.75
  • Concession User rating: 3
  • Cleanliness User rating: 3.33333333333333
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 3.33333333333333
  • Customer Service User rating: 3


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Best theater

November 25, 2019

Its a really good theater for what it is.

  • General Experience User rating: 5
  • Concession User rating: 5
  • Cleanliness User rating: 5
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 5
  • Customer Service User rating: 5

Wow...just wow

November 01, 2019

We just left and it was a pretty bad experience. First, their concessions stand was accepting only cash. Next, we go to verify our tickets and we're told the reserved seating system was down and if someone is in your seat least tell them to move... Lastly, I used the restroom on the way out and the toilet did not flush and half of their sinks did not work. Wow....just wow haha

  • General Experience User rating: 1
  • Concession User rating: 1
  • Cleanliness User rating: 1
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 1
  • Customer Service User rating: 3

Good seats horrible customer service

September 09, 2019

On Saturday September 7th, I went to go watch the 11:00am showing of IT Chapter 2 at the Willamette Town Center Regal Cinema. We had purchased our tickets beforehand from the app, and when we got inside were met with an employee. The employee –Clayton- asked me to display an ID before he even knew the movie we were going to watch. While IT Chapter 2 is rated R, I am 25 and look my age so there was no need for the ID check. Next however, he asked to check my purse, something I have never before had to get checked at any Regal Cinema, I complied with this and opened my purse and he began to question me about smaller and middle pockets to check for “weapons and contraband”. We later noticed the same employee was allowing individuals with the same size or larger bags to go ahead to the movies without bag checks. We spoke to a manager about this and while we understand it is a new policy to check bags, he said this is only necessary when the individual looks “suspicious”. I want to know what was suspicious about my purse in particular when others had bags that seemed fine to him. I would appreciate it if I received a reply back as I felt disrespected, and embarrassed to the point of tears from having to have experienced being racially profiled in this situation.

  • General Experience User rating: 1
  • Concession User rating: 3
  • Cleanliness User rating: 4
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 4
  • Customer Service User rating: 1
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