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5412 West High Market Drive, West Valley City, UT 84120

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2.40 / 5

User rating: 2.40


  • General Experience User rating: 2.5
  • Concession User rating: 2
  • Cleanliness User rating: 4
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 2
  • Customer Service User rating: 1.5


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Theater Reviews

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Fee for internet tickets

November 02, 2018

I went on line to buy tickets, but since they charge a $1.50 per ticket fee, I decided not to take my family to the movies. Drop this silly fee and you may see more customers.

  • General Experience User rating: 4
  • Concession User rating: 2
  • Cleanliness User rating: 3
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 3
  • Customer Service User rating: 1

You're losing customers

May 20, 2018

Can't find an email, so have to make this public. Since you are now starting to rip us off, we might ast well start going to Jordan Landing on Tuesdays, even though your theater is closer. We go to $5 Tuesday movies because we can't afford the other movies, with our family...however, we go quite often. You've now started afdding taxes to the $5.00, so tickets are no longer $5.00/person, they are $5.34. PISSED!!!! I know you don't care how many people you make mad, but you're going to lose a ton of customers over this. This movie tax thing was never right to begin with. Until a year or so ago, I NEVER had to pay taxes for movie tickets in my whole life, and now you're ripping us off by doing it..but your theater at least still have $5 Tuesdsays. No more. DO NOT send emails saying you're sorry I feel this way (it's not a feeling, it's a FACT), and DO NOT send emails explaing your reason. There is NO VALID REASON for doing this. It's wrong, immoral, and should be illegal. BUSINESSMEN SUCK!!! You don't care about anything except money, Hope you lose all your customers.

  • General Experience User rating: 1
  • Concession User rating: 0
  • Cleanliness User rating: 5
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 1
  • Customer Service User rating: 2
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