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359 Park Marina Circle, Redding, CA 96001

530-243-7204 | View Map

3.45 / 5

User rating: 3.45


  • General Experience User rating: 2.75
  • Concession User rating: 4
  • Cleanliness User rating: 4
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 3.5
  • Customer Service User rating: 3


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Theater Reviews

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Awful place

January 30, 2018

Me and my 4 year old were riding our bikes through the parking lot and were told to leave. A couple times a week we ride over and ride in circles for 5 minutes for something to do. We also visit once a week for a show. We will no longer be doing that. Apparently us riding in all those empty spots in the back corner bother all those people not attending this dirty theater.

  • General Experience User rating: 1
  • Concession User rating: 0
  • Cleanliness User rating: 0
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 0
  • Customer Service User rating: 1

DOGS barking while movie playing

January 08, 2018

I love this movie theater, but after going watching a movie and someone had their 'service' dogs, yeah, right, in the theater and their dogs starting barking during the movie, it's making me doubt my decision fo go to this theater again. I understand the handicapped needing a service dog, but this lady had one dog with an orange vest (homemade) on one dog and nothing on the other. I just don't understand people and their service dogs for every little thing. They should have to show proof anytime a 'service' animal is in a public place, not just because they have clothes on, does not make them 'service' pets. Also, if a service animal barks even once during a movie, a person should be asked to leave with their pets. Sorry if you lose my business over this, but there has to be a line to these 'service' animals.

  • General Experience User rating: 2
  • Concession User rating: 3
  • Cleanliness User rating: 3
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 2
  • Customer Service User rating: 3
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