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  • General Experience User rating: 3
  • Concession User rating: 2.66666666666667
  • Cleanliness User rating: 3
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 3.33333333333333
  • Customer Service User rating: 2.66666666666667


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Theater Reviews

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I will never be back!

October 07, 2019

I went to see the movie Downton Abbey at the Star John R theater. I stood in line for 5 minutes to wait for the one and only cashier to wait on me while the people who had the special tickets or who pay 19.99 to get finished. Then someone else walked up and he said, "I get to go next (even though I had been waiting). Had my mother who walks with a can and can't stand for very long go first. If you are going to do that, you should have two cashiers one for the special tickets and one for people coming off the street. I won't be back. I said I was a senior and I still had to pay $10.00+ to see the movie.

  • General Experience User rating: 2
  • Concession User rating: 2
  • Cleanliness User rating: 3
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 3
  • Customer Service User rating: 1

Best in the Area

May 11, 2019

I've been going to this theater since it was a Star Theater, long before AMC purchased and updated the property. I'm an avid movie goer and have been to many theaters, AMC-owned and not. This AMC is in my opinion the best theater in the area. Despite the best efforts of other movie-goers to trash the auditoriums during viewings, the auditoriums are always clean and comfortable. The seats have never been in any way broken, and i have never seen worse than some wear in the fake leather of the seats -- no ripped out drink holders, surely. I see on average one movie a week and have been in all the auditoriums at one point or another and they're all quite well maintained and comfortable, even when they're crowded. The customer service is ALWAYS great. The concession workers are always friendly, polite, and engaged. The few times I've had to speak with the concierge, they've been quick and efficient in solving any problem I've had and done what they can to help me. The people selling the tickets are friendly and quick and do their level best to keep the lines moving, again, often against the best efforts of other movie-goers. I love this theater, and I'm glad to be living nearby again.

  • General Experience User rating: 5
  • Concession User rating: 5
  • Cleanliness User rating: 5
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 5
  • Customer Service User rating: 5

Not a great experience

March 10, 2019

I took my family today to see Captain Marvel and while the movie was ok, I did not have a great experience at the theater. Both my chair and my daughters chair were broken and in need of repair. Her cup holder had been ripped out completely. The floors were sticky. It was VERY low level. Also, the person behind the concession stand could not find my reward information so my popcorn did not earn any Stubs points. I went to talk with the concierge desk afterward to complain about my experience but they were busy speaking with someone else and we needed to leave. I would certainly have much higher expectations for a theater than what I experienced today.

  • General Experience User rating: 2
  • Concession User rating: 1
  • Cleanliness User rating: 1
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 2
  • Customer Service User rating: 2
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