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5920 W. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278

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2.38 / 5

User rating: 2.38


  • General Experience User rating: 2.75
  • Concession User rating: 1.5
  • Cleanliness User rating: 2.66666666666667
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 2
  • Customer Service User rating: 3


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June 29, 2019

Went to see Toy Story 4 at what I thought was a matinee (3:30). Ticket price was $11.99 for a senior! I asked about the matinee price and was told matinees are only before noon. What gives?

  • General Experience User rating: 3
  • Concession User rating: 2
  • Cleanliness User rating: 3
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 3
  • Customer Service User rating: 3


July 20, 2018

Im upset, me and family went to go see "The Equalizer 2", at 7:15pm, on July 20. At 86 st in indiana. I bought my 12.00 ticket to go see the movie at seat 3 section A. Were me and family heard a loud snoring noise from Sectoin B seats 1 and 2, and the snoring so loud that people from section C. Everybody in the theater told the couple to be quiet. We even had to call for management to look at the rows, and some of people including myself said that it was section B. The couples were so loud that it really took me out of the movie. I did not even know what was going in the movie. It real took me out of the movie. I really want want a refund on my food and drink, which was about 16 to 17 dollars. That was the most horrific thing is that they kept going even after management. I do not want a free ticket to a movie. I want my money back. Thanks for your time

  • General Experience User rating: 1
  • Concession User rating: 1
  • Cleanliness User rating: 1
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 1
  • Customer Service User rating: 1

Ads and trailers lasted 23 minutes after scheduled start & too loud

July 03, 2018

Sound level was too loud and we sat towards the back. Ads and trailers lasted for 23 minutes after the scheduled start time of 12:10 p.m. On the plus side it is beneficial to have an earlier movie time, comfortable motorized seating, $5 cost per ticket through program and the theater was not crowded.

  • General Experience User rating: 3
  • Concession User rating: 0
  • Cleanliness User rating: 4
  • Theatre Presentation User rating: 2
  • Customer Service User rating: 5
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