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Born: June 30, 1959


Date of Birth: June 30, 1959

Athough he'd been in a lot of films before The Whole Wide World (1996), it was really his performance as pulp writer and creator of Conan the Barbarian Robert E. Howard in this film that made everyone sit up and take notice. This small, delightful and ultimately tragic tale taken from Novalyne Price Ellis' memiors of her friendship with Howard, also helped launch the career of Renée Zellweger.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, D'Onofrio was married to actress Greta Scacchi (Presumed Innocence, The Player) from 1991 to 1993. The couple have one daughter. He since married Carin van der Donk in 1997 and they had a son together in 2000, but the marriage ended in divorce by 2003.

Says D'Onofrio: "It was always my plan to build a reputation as a character actor. I have this niche, and I'll be working forever. I don't look like a leading man. I look more like the guy who'll fix your car then steal your girl. I look like the guy who'd come in and take a stain off your couch. Or put a stain on."

He starred in The Judge (2014) alongside Robert Downey Jr.and more recently, he starred in Jurassic World (2015) and The Magnificent Seven (2016).


The Magnificent Seven(2016)
Jurassic World(2015)
The Judge(2014)
Charlie Countryman(2013)
Escape Plan(2013)
Kill the Irishman(2011)
Brooklyn's Finest(2010)
The New Tenants(2010)
The Break Up (2006)
The Salton Sea(2002)
Supernova (2000)
Spanish Judges (1999)
Steal This Movie (1999)
The 13th Floor(1998)
Claire Dolan(1998)
The Newton Boys(1998)
The Velocity of Gary (1998)
Men in Black(1997)
Boy's Life 2 (1997)
Nunzio's Second Cousin (1997)
Feeling Minnesota (1996)
Good Luck(1996)
Guy (1996)
The Whole Wide World (1996)
The Winner (1996)
Strange Days(1995)
Stuart Saves His Family (1995)
Hotel Paradise (1995)
Ed Wood(1994)
Imaginary Crimes (1994)
Being Human(1993)
Household Saints (1993)
Mr. Wonderful (1993)
Malcolm X(1992)
Salt on Our Skin (1992)
The Player (1992)
Dying Young (1991)
Crooked Hearts (1991)
Fires Within (1991)
Naked Tango (1990)
Signs of Life (1989)
The Blood of Heroes (1988)
Mystic Pizza (1988)
Full Metal Jacket(1987)
Adventures in Babysitting(1987)
The First Turn-On!! (1983)

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