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Birth name: Quran Pender

Storm P's only experience with movies before landing his starring role in the feature The Cookout (2004) was as a songwriter, writing songs for the Chicago (2002) soundtrack and the Bringing Down the House (2003) soundtrack.

Prior to that, a 2000 meeting with Shakim Compere, who formed pop music management company Flavor Unit with parter Queen Latifah, led Storm P to write and perform on tour with the Flavor Unit team of artists.

Based on fan reaction to Storm P's performances, Compere and Latifah decided to test his presence on camera. They ended up selecting him to star as basketball pro Todd Anderson in The Cookout (2004).

Although Storm P had no previous acting experience, his basketball experience was extensive. He played four years on a high school varsity team in Queens before going to Cornell University and playing for the Big Red. "I have played ball all my life," says Storm P. "I worked out everyday. I would go outside at seven in the morning and do all types of drills, and run. I was crazy. I was trying to get to the NBA. This is definitely a cool opportunity, because now I made it."


The Cookout (2004)

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