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Born: January 01, 1945


Date of Birth: 1945

Born in Toronto and raised in the suburbs, Smith had a variety of occupations while completing his studies at high school and college. He worked as a steam fitter, a car jockey, a postman, a lab technician, and an elementary school teacher. His quick wit and creative mind has always been a great source of entertainment to his family and friends.

Smith put his comedic energy to good use by creating a sketch comedy series, Smith & Smith, with his wife Morag. Writing, producing and starring in all 195 episodes, Smith soon discovered his most popular alter ego Red Green.

The popular character soon led to his own show, The Red Green Show which launched in 1990. Running on tight budget, the show, which Steve starred in and was co-written by Rick Green, involved Smith creating various gadgets out of junk, misadventures, and short comedy stand-ups all loosely tied together with a brief storyline. The weekly show picked up viewers over the years and by 2001, it had an audience numbering around one million in North America. It also earned Smith a Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Comedy Program or Series in 1998.

Over the years Smith has been involved in many other projects including writing for the series Me & Max, Laughing Matters, Out of Our Minds, and Top Cops. His umbrella company, S&S Productions, produces two other comedies. History Bites, the historically-based, critically acclaimed, comedy produced by Rick Green for the History Channel and the mock game show, Supertown Challenge.

Smith and Rick Green have also published two books and created a number of home videos starring Red Green.

Filmography (actor):

Red Green's Duct Tape Forever (2002)
The Chase (1994)
Sherlock: Undercover Dog (1994)
Delta Pi (1985)
Getting It On (1983)

Filmography (writer):

Red Green's Duct Tape Forever (2002)

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