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Born in London, England to Iranian parents, Sam Golzari graduated from UCLA with a degree in acting. He began his career in theater before making his screen debut in a student film called Closer (2004), which won an Honorable Mention at the 2005 DGA Student Film Awards. He went on to star in another short film, The Invisible Man (2004), which aired on Showtime Network. Work on another short, The Break (2004), followed, before Golzari made his major motion picture debut as Omer, a suicide bomber with a penchant for American show tunes in American Dreamz (2006), starring Hugh Grant and Mandy Moore.

Golzari, who lives in California, says, "It's amazing living in and working in Hollywood. You quickly find out what reality shows are actually like, with these shows about Hollywood and the dreamers in it. When you air that around the world, specifically the Middle East, people think it's real-the American dream."


American Dreamz (2006)

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