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Born: June 26, 1962


Date of Birth: June 26, 1962

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Preston A. Whitmore II made his filmmaking debut by writing and directing The Walking Dead (1995)-the story of black soldiers in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the movie didn't strike a chord with either critics or audiences, so for the next few years Whitmore concentrated on writing for the sitcom Malcolm and Eddie (1996 - 2000), starring Eddie Griffin and Malcolm-Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show.

His next feature directorial effort was Doing Hard Time (2004), about a father who aims to avenge the death of his eight-year-old son in a gangland shooting. Unfortunately, the movie wound up going straight to DVD.

Crossover (2006), which he also wrote and directed, is about a star basketball player who wants to become a doctor, and winds up letting his friend do time for an assault charge rather than face the music himself. The film did respectably, if not spectacularly, at the box office, earning back almost twice it's initial cost.

Whitmore's latest offering is This Christmas, a drama about a family's first Christmas together in four years.


This Christmas (2007)
Crossover (2006)
The Walking Dead (1995)
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