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Born: March 31, 1963


Date of Birth: March 31, 1963

Laura Lau's first brush with the movie industry was something of a family affair. She co-wrote and produced her husband, Chris Kentis's, directorial debut film Grind (1997). She then served as a producer on the Kentis's next film Open Water (2003), a true story about two scuba divers trapped in shark-infested waters. The pair put the entire film together, including the editing, with barely any crew. The actors were even responsible for their own makeup, hair and costumes.

For her third project, Lau joined Kentis in the director's chair for the thriller Silent House (2012), with Elizabeth Olsen. Lau not only co-directed the film with Kentis but also co-wrote and produced it as well. What made this film unique was the fact that the whole thing was done in a continuous camera shot, as opposed to a series of short takes edited together later. The film originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011, although a few changes were made for the final theatrical version. With the success of Silent House, Lau has already decided that regardless of what her next project is, she'll be teaming up with Kentis to do it. "We’re on the same page and we have the same taste," she says. "I think we bring different talents and different core interests to the table. Same project, same taste, same end goal, but a different point of view."

Lau graduated from Columbia University with a writing degree. She and Kentis currently live in New York City with their one daughter.


Silent House (2012)
Open Water (2003)
Grind (1997)

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