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'Loving Pablo' Trailer

2:21 | Uploaded on Aug 16, 2018

This trailer for Loving Pablo starts in Colombia, 1981. Pablo Escobar (Javier Bardem) is showing TV news anchor woman Virginia Vallejo (Penélope Cruz) where he is building houses for the poor. He's coy about where the money for all of this comes from, however. A commercial plane lands on a freeway, where cars have been forced to stop to make way for it. Men come running and pull large bundles of cocaine from the plane and pack it into vans. We're told one kilo is worth $7,000 in Colombia, but its value in the States is $150,000. During an informal meeting, Escobar's men are told it's time to start killing people. When the Minister of Justice is assassinated, a price is put on Escobar's head. DEA agent Shepard (Peter Sarsgaard) asks Virginia to help them find Escobar. 

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