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Born: January 01, 1966


Date of Birth: 1966

British director Jonathan Glazer began his career in film after completing a BA Honors degree in Theater Design and Direction at Nottingham Trent University. His first paying jobs were directing stage productions and making corporate videos. He then landed a job editing, writing voice overs and choosing music for film trailers. Eventually, after making a short film called Mad, he found himself so much in demand for music videos and commercials that he was able to choose only the projects that appealed to him.

Many of his commercials have won awards, including the black-and-white "Surfer" ad for Guinness. On the British Channel 4 program, The 100 Greatest TV Ads, "Surfer" was voted the best advertisement ever by the public. It went on to win two Gold awards for the Most Outstanding Direction and the Most Outstanding TV Commercial over 60 seconds at the 2000 Design & Art Direction (D & AD) awards, becoming the first commercial to win two Gold award in the entire history of D & AD. In 2004, he was nominated by the Directors Guild of Great Britain for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercial for "Devil's Island" (Stella Artois).

Glazer made his feature directorial debut with Sexy Beast (2000), starring Ben Kingsley. The film won many awards and nominations, including a Golden Globe nomination for Kingsley and a BAFTA award nomination for Glazer. Glazer also won a British Independent Film Award for Best Director (Kingsley won for Best Actor) and a Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best First Feature.

For his second feature, Glazer not only directed, but wrote the screenplay for the controversial film, Birth (2004), starring Nicole Kidman as a woman who believes her deceased husband has been reincarnated and is now a 10-year-old boy. Next, he'll direct Robert De Niro in Chaos (2005), a remake of a Japanese film.


Chaos (2005)
Birth (2004)
Sexy Beast (2001)

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