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Monster Trucks - Official Trailer 2

24,492 Views | 1:31 | Uploaded on Nov 17, 2016

In the second trailer for Monster Trucks, high school senior and talented mechanic Tripp (Lucas Till) opens the doors to his garage, ready to fix up yet another clunker. Suddenly, he hears a suspicious sound in the junk yard and goes outside to investigate. He first finds one of the cars with a through-and-through hole in its side, followed by what appears to be a tail slinking behind the car crusher. Armed with a metal box as his only defense, he nervously approaches, and is shocked as a strange, subterranean creature slithers into view. "What are you?," he asks, awestruck. After Tripp discovers that the beast is harmless, and very gassy, he names him Creech, and the two become fast friends. With Creech's unusual talent of acting as a car's engine, the two go on an epic adventure that may finally help Tripp escape his small-town existence.

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