Gordon Chan Biography

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Born: January 01, 1960


Date of Birth: 1960

One of Hong Kong's most prolific and talented director/writers, Gordon Chan is best known for his action films. He has also produced and directed a string of crime thrillers. In 1999 Chan won two Hong Kong film awards, one for Best Director and the other for Best Screenplay for the film Yeshou xingjing/Beast Cop (1998). He has also won a Hong Kong Film Critics Society award for his screenplay for the film Fei hu/The First Option (1996).

He has directed Hong Kong celebrities such as Jet Li in Fist of Legend (1994) and Jackie Chan in Dead Heat (1995) and The Medallion (2003).


The Medallion (2003)
Cat and Mouse (2002)
Okinawa Rendez-vous (2000)
2000 AD (2000)
Beast Cop (1998)
The First Option (1996)
Thunderbolt (1995)
Dead Heat (1995)
The Final Option (1994)
Fist of Legend (1994)
Long and Winding Road (1994)
Fight Back to School II (1992)
King of Beggars (1992)
Game Kids (1991)
Inspector Pink Dragon (1991)
Fight Back to School (1991)
Brief Encounter in Tokyo (1990)
Unfaithfully Yours (1989)
Armageddon (1989)
The Yuppie Fantasia (1988)
Golden Destroyers (1985)

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