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Born: March 17, 1975


Date of Birth: March 17, 1975

Gina Holden was born in Smithers, British Columbia and as a child, was involved in school plays and talent shows. Her first performance was at the age of five in a figure skating exhibition. Since then, Gina Holden has been interested in dance performance, whether it be ballet, tap or musical theater. As a child, she and her mother and brother moved around quite a bit. Her love of performing started to become something she wanted to do as a career.

At 15, she was scouted by a modeling agency and went to Japan for her photo shoots. She soon began appearing on several magazine covers, making her a familiar face. In Japan, she made an effort to learn about the culture and the language. While Holden was extremely successful as a model, she wanted to get back to performing. When she returned to North America, Holden continued studying Japanese and went on to graduate at the top of her class. After graduation, she worked two jobs while taking acting classes to develop her stage skills.

After a number of small television roles, she landed a recurring role on the series Reunion, but it was canceled after only nine episodes due to poor ratings. Later on, she appeared in Da Vinci's City Hall, which lasted a season.

In between acting on television, she had minor roles in both big budget and indie films. Her first leading role was in Messages Deleted, starring opposite Matthew Lilliard. Holden continues to act both on the big screen and small screen and plays. She's played recurring characters on several hit television shows including CW's Life Unexpected, which is has been picked up for another season and CBS'Harper's Island which ran for one season. Holden also volunteers in her spare time to support bullied teen girls to help them foster confidence and self-esteem.

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