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Born: September 13, 1946


Date of Birth: September 13, 1946

The son of renowned film and television composer Jack Marshall, Frank Marshall was born in Newport Beach, California. While growing up, his father's friends -- people who were also successful in show business -- often came to visit the Marshall family home. In 1967, Frank met film director Peter Bogdanovich at a birthday party for the daughter of director John Ford, another friend of his father. Marshall then began to work in various capacities as a crew member on Bogdanovich's movies, as well as taking on bit roles. After graduating in 1968 from UCLA, Marshall had planned to attend law school, but instead continued to work for Bogdanovich. By 1971 he was a location manager, and in 1973, he received his first producing credit on Paper Moon.

In 1981, he collaborated with Steven Spielberg as a producer on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and along with Marshall's wife, producer Kathleen Kennedy, the three formed Amblin Entertainment.

Along the way, Marshall has received Oscar nominations as a producer for Seabiscuit (2003), The Sixth Sense (1999), The Color Purple (1985) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). In 1982 he won Producer of the Year at the ShoWest Convention. The same year, he made his directing debut, with the TV special The Making of Poltergeist.

His feature film directing debut was Arachnophobia (1990), starring Jeff Daniels. The film did well at the box office, and Marshall followed that up with Alive (1993), about a rugby team struggling to survive in the snow after their plane crashes in the Andes.

Next, he directed Congo (1995), based on Michael Crichton's novel about a dangerous quest in Africa. It received several Razzie nominations, but did respectably at the box office. Afterwards, Marshall took time off to spend with his children, but returned to directing with Eight Below (2006), about two Antarctic explorers who are forced to leave their sled dogs behind in order to survive.

Marshall lives with his family in southern California.


Eight Below (2006)
Congo (1995)
Alive (1993)
Arachnophobia (1990)

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