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EMMA CAULFIELD Birth Date: April 6, 1963

Born in San Diego, Emma Caulfield knew early on that she wanted to be an actress. While still in high school, she began studying drama at the La Jolla Playhouse and the Old Globe Theatre, where she was awarded the distinguished honor of "Excellence in Theatre Arts." Caulfield enrolled at UCLA, hoping to get a well-rounded education in case her acting career didn't take off. However, in 1994, she began to win roles on television shows such as Burke's Law, Saved by the Bell and Renegade, and found that her studies suffered. She dropped out of UCLA, and shortly after, landed a one-year stint playing Jason Priestly's girlfriend Susan on Beverly Hills 90210. After that, Caulfield played the role of Lorraine Miller on the daytime soap opera General Hospital for a season. However, her academic interests got the best of her and she enrolled at San Francisco State University, eventually graduating with a degree in psychology. Caulfield returned to acting with a recurring guest role as the demon Anyanka on the hit TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her first episode aired late in 1998, and she was made a full time cast member in 1999, after her character lost her powers and became a mortal teenager.

Caulfield's feature film debut came with a starring role in the science fiction thriller, Darkness Falls (2003). She is interested in politics and specifically, would like to open the public's eyes to the plight of animals. She hopes to one day devote herself full time to campaigning for their rights and well being. Caulfield makes her home in the Los Angeles area.


Darkness Falls (2003)

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