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A drama major from Sherbrooke University, Claudine Mercier soon became known for humor after being part of the Just for Laughs tour in 1990. During that time, she was also a singer in the acapella band Artishows, which displayed her knack for vocal impersonations. In 1993, she put on her first One Woman Show and fell in love with the form. Mercier loved it and so did the public; she started to make her mark as one of the very few female impersonators in Quebec.

After her first tour became a success, Mercier launched a second One Woman Show in 1998 and earned numerous awards for it, including the Felix for Best Show of the Year -- Humor category. Summer 2000 brought her a new audience: she launched a successful tour in Europe.

Her third tour was launched in 2003 and soon after, Mercier tried her hand at a new medium: film. She chose a real challenge for her first motion picture: she plays five roles in Shooting Star, a 2005 movie lampooning reality television and pop culture in general.


Shooting Star (2005)

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