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Born in Manassas, Virginia, Chaney Kley soon moved with his family to Denver, Colorado, where he grew up. After high school, Kley enrolled at the University of Colorado, graduating with a degree in theater. He then moved to Chicago, where he perfected his craft by working in various stage productions, including a starring role in the Chicago Dramatist's production The Angels of Lemnos, for which he won a Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role.

Not long after, Kley decided to make the move to Los Angeles, where he quickly began to land guest roles in television series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His feature film debut came with the hit film Legally Blonde (2001), in which he played the role of Brandon. Kley landed the starring role in his next feature, the science-fiction thriller Darkness Falls (2003), followed by another lead role in The Skin Horse (2003), co-starring Swimfan's Shiri Appleby.


Darkness Falls (2003)
Legally Blonde (2001)

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