Tim Burton (Dark Shadows) Interview

3,637 Views | 7:29 | Uploaded on May 26, 2013

Tim Burton Interview

Veteran filmmaker Tim Burton puts his unique spin on Dark Shadows. The film, starring his longtime collaborator Johnny Depp, is based on the 1960s television soap opera featuring all sorts of supernatural creatures including vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches. In other words, plenty of material that's right up Burton and Depp's alley. The series largely focused on Barnabas Collins (played by Depp), an ancient vampire who encounters all sorts of these oddities.

Bonnie Laufer from Tribute spoke with Tim about why he wanted to bring Dark Shadows to the big screen, how after eight collaborations Johnny Depp still manages to surprise him and what it would be like to meet his descendants two hundred years down the line.


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