Paul Watson reveals how we can all help save the environment - Interview

526 Views | 13:48 | Uploaded on Nov 05, 2020

Paul Watson talks about Watson, a new film by Lesley Chilcott about his life and his work to save the environment as the founder of Sea Shepherd. He reveals stories about his childhood that influenced his path in life and tells what we can all do to help save not only the ocean, but the future of human existence on this planet, because as illegal fishermen deplete the ocean of its inhabitants, the oxygen we need to live on is also depleted. He mentions the great work done by the late Rob Stewart, who while working on his first film, Sharkwater, travelled with Sea Shepherd on a voyage to Costa Rica.

Interviewer: Alexandra Heilbron

Watson plays in select theaters across Canada on November 7 and 10, 2020, prior to streaming digitally on November 20th.


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