Patricia Clarkson (Cairo Time) - Interview

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Interview: Patricia Clarkson (Cairo Time)

Cairo Time is one of those beautifully paced films that you want to just lose yourself in. The film stars the wonderfully talented Patricia Clarkson as Juliette, a woman who arrives in Cairo to meet her husband only to be told he is unavoidably delayed in Gaza for his work. Feeling terribly guilty, he sends his friend, a retired Egyptian police officer named Tareq, to pick her up. While Tareq serves as Juliette's tour guide the two strike up an unexpected friendship and bond in a way that catches them both completely off guard.

Patricia Clarkson absolutely glows in her performance as Juliette. The Oscar nominee had a candid chat with Tribute's Bonnie Laufer during the Toronto International Film Festival about working on such a glorious film and having the opportunity to travel to Egypt for the first time in her life. Much like her character, Clarkson felt like a fish out of water in the Middle East and even encountered a frightening moment while abroad. She drank in all the beauty Cairo and was of course in awe when she saw the pyramids up close for the very first time. Although Clarkson is known for her dozens of supporting roles this is the first time the actress has been given a lead and talks about the challenges and joys of being in every scene. She also couldn't say enough wonderful things about her handsome co-star Alexander Siddig and her giving and patient Canadian director Ruba Nadda.


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