Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy talk 'Dark Phoenix' - Interview

844 Views | 5:30 | Uploaded on Jun 07, 2019

In this interview with Dark Phoenix stars Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. they discuss what separates Dark Phoenix from the rest of the franchise and makes it unique. They talk about the importance of it being a character-driven story centered on the relationships between characters. McAvoy speaks about the family themes of the film and how it can appeal to those new to the franchise. The two actors discuss their history of working together, going back 20 years when they first met on the set of Band of Brothers, including a fun anecdote of Michael chasing James on scooters, and the comfort level they have with each other. Speaking of their characters in the film, they talk about where they're at in their relationship compared to previous movies, as well as what other X-Men characters they'd love to be. On the subject of Simon Kinberg making his directorial debut, Fassbender discusses how he handled the job as a first-time director. Finally, the duo discuss the most fun action sequences that they filmed for the movie. 


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