Max Irons & Jake Abel (The Host) - Interview

2,788 Views | 5:56 | Uploaded on May 24, 2013

Max Irons & Jake Abel Interview

Two hunky leading men fighting over a strong female lead in a fantastical, epic story dreamed up by none other than the bestselling author Stephenie Meyer. Yep, The Host has the potential to become the next Twilight.

In this exclusive interview, we meet the two men in the The Host's love triangle: Max Irons and Jake Abel. The actors play human rebels Jared and Ian, both of whom fall for Wanda (Saoirse Ronan), a human who resists the alien force that is trying to take over her body and erase her memories. spoke with Max and Jake via satellite from New York about fighting over the same girl, their kissing skills and how they would prepare for an alien invasion.

Interview by Bonnie Laufer Krebs for Tribute Entertainment Media Group


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