Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Smashed) - Interview

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Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her husband Charlie (Aaron Paul) are very much in love but they're also both alcoholics. After yet another night of heavy drinking, Kate, a first grade teacher, shows up to work hungover and winds up puking in front of her class. When a student asks if she's pregnant, Kate panics and says yes, a lie that virtually ends up saving her life.

It's only a matter of time before Kate finally hits rock bottom and realizes that she needs help, and fast. It turns out the vice principal at her school, Mr. Davies (Nick Offerman), knows about her secret—that she's an alcoholic, not pregnant. Being a recovered addict himself, now nine years sober, he invites her to attend a 12-step program meeting with him. Here she meets Jenny (Octavia Spencer), another success story, who agrees to become her sponsor.

Kate finally begins to get her life back on track but the struggle doesn't come without a heavy cost. Alcohol is what used to bring her and her husband together and with him still drinking, they struggle to make their marriage work. Kate must now decide if she's willing to fight the battle alone or give in to the addiction that's owned her life for as long as she can remember.


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