Kate McKinnon & Vanessa Bayer Interview - Office Christmas Party

535 Views | 4:18 | Uploaded on Dec 13, 2016

The interview immediately goes off the rails as Kate McKinnon hilariously (and very physically) points out how her comedy Office Christmas Party is "stuffed" with the best comedians. Alongside her is co-star Vanessa Bayer, who then describes how the filming of this movie differed from the typical ensemble comedy, to which Kate agreed, comparing the cast to a "college improv troupe." The duo continue to crack each other up while revealing why they enjoyed playing their characters so much. Of their leading man T.J. Miller, Vanessa called him a "barrel of laughs," while Kate once again remarks on the comedy-wattage of the cast. Lastly, the two reflect on their SNL days together, and reveal what audiences can expect from their big-screen pairing.


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