Chris O'Dowd (The Sapphires) - Interview

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Chris O’Dowd Interview

Chris O'Dowd, the hilarious Irish charmer who shot to international fame after his starring role opposite Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, hasn't stopped for a second after becoming a comic hit in North America. O’Dowd has become one of the most dependable scene sealers in the Judd Apatow camp of actors and comedians with roles in last year's This is 40, Jennifer Westfeldt's indie comedy Friends with Kids, and a recurring role in HBO's "Girls." Somewhere in there he also managed to find the time to take the lead role in Wayne Blair's Australian musical The Sapphires, a crowd-pleaser on the festival circuit, including last year's Toronto International Film Festival.

The true story follows an aboriginal all-girl soul group as they face racism in 1968 and ultimately are selected to travel to Vietnam to perform for U.S. troops. O'Dowd plays their surly, drunken manager, and has been winning high praise for his performance—from even those critical of the film. spoke with Chris via satellite from New York about being surrounded by women for most of the film, his love for soul music and his very small cameo in the upcoming Thor:The Dark World.

Interview by Bonnie Laufer, Tribute Entertainment Media Group


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