Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan (Cop Out) - Interview

41,955 Views | 5:11 | Uploaded on May 27, 2013

Interview with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan (Cop Out)

For the first time ever, Kevin Smith has left his comfort zone. The popular director gives us Cop Out, an action comedy cop movie from a script he did not write. The film stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as veteran cops who have been partners on the force for nine years. When a valuable baseball card owned by Willis’s character goes missing, the two are on the hunt to get it back.

Tribute’s Bonnie Laufer caught up with Willis and Morgan in New York to talk about their take on this very funny film. The guys don’t see it as a buddy-cop film, but more like a classic comedy duo flick modeled after Abbott and Costello. Willis had a blast working off of the hilarious Morgan, never quite knowing what would come out of his mouth and he says it’s one of the best working experiences he’s ever had making a movie.


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