Turning 32

The sequel to the award-winning tv series filmed around the world in 1992 titled TURNING 16.

The original series aired in 40 countries and captured the hearts of millions, with the poignant stories of six diverse teenagers growing up in the so-called "developing world"—each dealing with unique personal challenges, each with passionate dreams, each facing the rite of passage of turning sixteen.

Sixteen years later, we embark on a second journey to find our old friends and to see who they have become and what has happened to their dreams. TURNING 32 is the result—a film steeped in emotion, culture and the passage of time. A universal tale about growing up and the life lessons that come with it.

Director: Luc Côté, Robbie Hart
Studio: Adobe Productions
Genre: Documentary
Run time: 104 minutes
Official site: http://www.adobeproductions.com/catalogue/93-avoir-32-ansavoir-32-ans/

In cinemas Sep 10, 2010

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