Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Can't believe Jackson went from Lord of the Rings to this. :(
Decent visuals and good performances. It would have been great to see the Olympus Gods.
The movie as always does not do the books justice. The story is great as well as the visuals. However, it is obviously directed at teenagers in its script. It is an enjoyable film to relax to if you've got time to kill.
This long awaited film is a great , much better than the first one. The special effects are better. It is different from the book, but it still works out perfectly and can still be understand by those who have not read the book. There is enough action to keep the viewers into the film. the ending makes you want to see what else will happen to the characters, I have to say when the next film comes out I will go see it as soon as I can.
The movie was amazing and follows the book really well. went to see it once with my wife then a week later took my kids to see it.
very well done sequel
Great for the kids!
Found it to be boring, immature and it strayed from the book a little too much with small detail, it was very disappointing in comparison to the first one which they did a great job on.
Adult show, little boring but if you take the kids.....they loved it. Very exciting for the kids.
Much better than the first one! After reading the books, I thought that the first was such a let down, but they greatly improved for this one!

In cinemas Aug 07, 2013

User Rating: 3.9/5


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