21 & Over

Gifted straight-A student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) has always done what he was expected to do, but on his 21st birthday, when his best friends Casey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller) visit, he decides to cut loose.

With a very important medical school interview early the following morning, Jeff opts for one celebratory beer, but instead gets a full, wild night of utter chaos, debauchery, overindulgence and total humiliation.

Cast: Miles Teller, Sarah Wright, Justin Chon, Jonathan Keltz, Skylar Astin
Director: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Screenplay: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Studio: Alliance Films
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 93 minutes
MPAA Rating: R

In cinemas Mar 01, 2013

User Rating: 3.4/5


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